Choosing where to go on Honeymoon is a very personal decision that is normally guided by factors such as budget, time of the year and places you have visited before.

One destination can be the perfect getaway for one happy couple but could be the exact opposite for another.

Our honeymoon planner asks you 6 simple questions which helps us determine the ideal location for you.

We provide you with 3 alternatives and from that you can either select one and find out more or use it as a guide for some further research on each of the options.

Partnered with the National Travel Agent of the Year, we aim to ensure that our prices and scope of choice are second to none.

If you’d like some help selecting your dream honeymoon location complete the form below and we’ll get to work!

Honeymoon Date
Where will you be travelling from?
Preferred location (if any):
How long do you wish to go for?
Maximum budget:
Type of Honeymoon:
(Sun and beach, activity such as safari or explorer ,or mixture of both.)
Any other comments:

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